DIY Wedding Hangover Kit

I’m hosting a joint bachelor/bachelorette party for my sister and her husband-to-be this weekend. They are both very sporty and competitive, so I knew I had to have battle of the sexes games and pit them against each other. In addition to the games (which include flip cup, corn hole, wedding trivia and charades), I wanted to send all of the guests home with a hangover kit. I received a similar one at my sister-in-law’s wedding and my cousins’ bachelorette party and everyone loved them. Even if you’re not drinking, all of the items are very useful and are great to have in your purse or travel bag.

DIY Hangover Kit


1) Buy printed muslin bags. I got these “It seemed like such a good idea at the time” bags off of Etsy and paid about $1/bag. My cousin used personalized bags that had her name (“Lisa’s Bachelorette”) and date of the party (like these). Both are great options!


2) Buy items to fill bag. For a wedding or co-ed party, the items need to be gender neutral. I bought individually packaged pepto bismol, advil, gum, bandaids and emergenC. I’ve also seen energy drinks and water used as well.
If you are using these only for ladies (for example, party favor after a bachelorette party), you can also buy or make your own hair ties, and makeup removing wipes.
3) Fill them up and hand them out!
That’s it! Super simple but they have such a huge impact. They are also relatively inexpensive. Once filled, I spent about $3/bag.


Have you made a similar kit for an event? What type of items did you (or would you) include?


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