DIY Elastic Hairties

In an attempt  to get a head start on the DIY Christmas gifts I’m planning to give this year, I started with these DIY elastic  hair ties for all the ladies in my family!

I’m a huge fan of these because they’re cute and leave hair without dents, but I hate how pricy they are.  I have always bought them, but after stumbling upon some fold over elastic at Joann’s, I decided to try my hand at making them! I picked up black elastic from Joann’s and then hopped onto Etsy to pick up some assorted muted colors (no bright colors for me and my sisters!).

They were super easy to make and only require a few tools: scissors, ruler and a candle. I cut the elastic to 9-10″ pieces, folded them over, tied a knot and burned the ends to keep from fraying. And that’s all!

Each two yard piece of elastic made 9 hair ties and I got 16 yards for $8, making the cost of each hair tie pennies as opposed to $1! Even with shipping, the elastic was more expensive at Joann’s and the color options were very limited, so I would definitely check out this Etsy shop if you want to try this easy DIY!            





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