DIY Bride Pamper Box

My sister is getting married in 8 months and the entire process is really starting to stress her out. I’m the MOH, so I’m the first person she calls when there’s an issue, and I’ve been called more in the past few weeks than every before! Having gone through this myself only a year and a half ago, I understand completely how she’s feeling! Planning a wedding is stressful, but oh so worth it! To help her feel better, I put together a “Bride Pamper Box” of products she can use to help relax. Read on to see what I’ve put together.

First and foremost, she gets a beautiful candle from Voluspa.  These candles burn for a long time, and fill the entire house with a nice scent without being overwhelming. They’re also so relaxing to burn along side a nice bath (see next item).

After getting married, I became obsessed with monogramming. I wanted my new name, or at least initials, everywhere. I spent hours searching on Etsy and came across these amazing notepads and promptly bought myself two! They’re made with really nice, high quality paper, and are perfect for jotting down a quick note or for sending a short letter.

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a nice long bath while a candle burns in the background. This bubble bath from Bath & Body Works has a comforting scent from the vanilla and is not overly sweet.

img_3894 Finally I filled a Birchbox with a set of samples I think she will really enjoy. It’s a combination of skincare, body care, makeup and haircare, so all the bases are covered.  I wanted to give her more makeup as she’s more into that than skincare, but I’ve sent her multiple Birchboxes in the past, and can’t remember which makeup items I’ve sent so didn’t want to repeat samples. She’s similar to me in that she loves anything beauty related, so she’s sure to love this addition.

What do you think of this box? I’m planning on sending the box next week, can you think of anything I missed that should be included?

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