Best Products for Oily Skin?

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I need your help! When I used to live in California, my skin was pretty easy to take care of- I had combination skin with an oily t-zone and dry cheeks. It didn’t take much to maintain, I would just use a moisturizer under my makeup and that was that. I didn’t have to think about which moisturizer, I would literally use whatever I could find (a birchbox sample, my husband’s, whatever my mom/sisters were using at the time).


Since moving back to California from Boston however, my skin has gone from combination to oily and I don’t know what to do! I’ve switched cleansers, moisturizers and even different night treatment, but nothing I do can tame the oiliness. Do you have any products you recommend for oily skin?


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  • I feel you on the oily skin probs. Story of my life! I did a post about oily skin must haves and all of those products are great and work for me. I’ve discovered a new product since that post and it is AMAZING. It’s the Murad Oil Control Mattifier. It’s moisturizer/sunscreen. I wash my face, apply the Murad, and then go in with my primer. It works wonders. My face stays matte all day long and I don’t have to blot. Here’s my original post– and here’s the murad stuff–

    • THANK YOU!!! I will check out your original post and the Murad mattifier!

      • You’re welcome! I never had oily skin till a few years ago and I was so lost on what products to use to help. The Murad was a game changer for me!

  • I really like the loreal pro matte foundation, also maybelline fit me matte powder.

    Clean & Clear blotting papers are a MUST! I’ve tried some off brand ones, but these just work the best.