Benefit x Birchbox Holiday Event 

On Wednesday night, I attended my first every Birchbox event, a Benefit x Birchbox Holiday Event! I paid $45 (+tax) for this event, which included an eyebrow wax or thread, Birchbox filled with Benefit goodies and a $35 credit to spend in store. This deal is amazing since the wax normally costs $23, plus I got the $35 credit and Birchbox worth more than the $10 you normally pay for a Birchbox. Plus I got to sip on some wine, enjoy a delicious cupcake and get my makeup done!

Benefit x Birchbox Holiday Party

The Birchbox contained samples of 5 of cult-favorite products: Total Moisture Face Cream, Puff Off! Instant Under Eye Gel, Fake-Up Hydrating Concealer, They’re Real Mascara, Posiebalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm.

I already know I love the mascara, but I haven’t tried any of the other products yet so I’m very excited to try them. I previous tried, and really liked, the Total Moisture Toner, so I’m excited to compare the face cream to that. I can’t decide if I like Benefit expanding into skincare, but I have had a positive result so far so I think it’s a good idea. My under eye area is something I’m always trying to work on, so hopefully this eye gel and concealer do what they claim! Lastly, the Posiebalm is made with mango butter and promises to hydrate lips while imparting a wash of color- my kind of lip product. More than anything, I love the adorable packaging of every item!


  Benefit goodies with instructions on how to use. I love the miniature packagings!

I had them thread my brows as I had never tried threading before and this seemed like a great time to try it. During the process, it felt like she was literally removing every single hair, but after inspecting, all the stray & baby hairs were removed, but my brows were still there (duh!). Threading was so much nicer than waxing as it was less painful and I wasn’t left super red after- in fact, I was able to go to dinner directly after this without feeling the need to hide my face.   I also had them test out a few products I was considering buying. I ultimately decided to buy the Limited Edition Blush set as I’m a sucker for blush and this set includes some products I have been eyeing: Rockateur and Dandelion, but also Hoola, Sugarbomb, Coralista and Watt’s Up. The powders aren’t significantly smaller than the individual (which retail for $28 each), so this is a great set to try them all. Plus, the set includes a They’re Real Mascara (my favorite) and Eyeliner. Just from  the swatches of these blushes, I can see this quickly becoming a favorite. I don’t like that the palette itself is so large and cumbersome, but it’s definitely worth the space it will take up.

Limited Edition Real Cheeky Blush Palette
            Contents of the Blush Palette; 5 blushes, 1 highlighter, eyeliner and mascara.
 Booklet comes with palette to give tips and tricks for using all the products in the kit.