Benefit Haul

Last week, I had a black tie event to go to, so I decided to get my  makeup done. I hadn’t decided where I wanted to get it done, but after the Benefit x Birchbox event I was so impressed with all the people I worked with, and just had a great time with them, so I decided to go there. For some reason, when I think about Benefit, I only think about mascaras and blush. In my mind that’s all they do and all they have.

Well, that’s just not true! I was so happy with my makeup and wanted to buy many of the products they used on me, but settled for the POREfessional and Brow Zing, as these two products are definitely missing in my collection.

As soon as I got there, I was given the option to wash my face before starting. Of course, I took this as an opportunity to test our some of the skincare I’ve been curious about. Unfortunately, the Foamingly Clean face wash was gone, but I was able to test out the Facial Polish which left my face with a glow but didn’t irritate it. I used the Total Moisture Facial Cream to moisturize my face, which is very light weight and immediately absorbs into the skin, Plus is has a really nice scent. I’m glad I got the sample during the event last week, because I’m tempted to buy the full-size.

Now that my face was prepped, the MUA started with my makeup. First she primed my skin with the POREfessional, which did exactly what it promised- made my skin smooth and prepared it perfectly for the foundation. The Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW! foundations all have yellow undertones, so they blended seamlessly on my face. Those two combined with Fake Up made my face look flawless but still managed to look (and feel) like I wasn’t wearing makeup. To finish my face, she used Hoola, Dandelion blush and Watt’s Up for contouring and  highlighting. I thought the combination wouldn’t work on my coloring, but in fact, it looked amazing! Dandelion is light, so I thought it wouldn’t show up, but it added a glow and flush that worked well with the bronzer/highlighter combo. Dandelion came in the set I bought last week and I assumed I would have no use for it, but know I know it’s different than anything I have, yet something I needed.

For my eyes, we decided to do a smokey brown look since I don’t like to too much color, but wanted darker eyes. She used their Big Beautiful Eyes kit which has a combination of shimmer and matte shadows. Instead of using a liquid eyeliner, we chose an eyeliner pencil to allow for the smudged look that complemented the smokey eye perfectly. She topped it all off with  They’re Real mascara  and Brow Zing for my brows. I have been using  pencil, but they told me Brow Zing was better for a more natural look while also keeping the hairs in place with the wax. Once I’ve had some time to test it out, I’ll do a full review.

To finish off the look, I decided to stray from my normal nude lip and asked for some color. She showed me all of the check lip stains they have, and I very bravely asked for Lollitint. In the bottle, and even after she heavily swatched it on her hand, it is bright fuchsia. Immediately after I  made my decision, I wanted to take it back but held strong. The color was actually gorgeous on, a pretty pink and not nearly as bright and in your face as I thought it would be. I didn’t love the application though; it felt heavy on my lips and immediately made them feel dry. As soon as I could, I put a lip balm over it which helped my lips feel moisturized without affecting the color. Lucky for me, the sample that day was Lollitint, so I now have a little one I can test out while I decide if I liked it enough to buy the full-size.

The entire look was quick and easy- 30 minutes from the time I sat down to when I checked out. I hate when it looks like I’m wearing caked on makeup, and this look was beautiful and enhanced my features. I am really happy I had this service as now I have a better appreciation for all Benefit has to offer, as well as a new wish list of products I want from them.What are your favorite Benefit products I need to try?

  • The Pore-fessional is really amazing! The pore filling effect really is wow.

    • It is! I have been anti it for years but glad I finally tried it!

  • I love the Pore-fessional too! Just tried it last month in the mini size, and I’ll definitely be getting the large size when I am out. It really controls my oiliness!