Beauty For Real from Head to Toe


I was fortunate enough to be sent some products from Beauty For Real to review on the blog. Some of you may be familiar with BFR real as they were recently included in Boxycharm. BFR recently got a makeover and re-did all of their packaging so now its enclosed in very simple, yet very sleek, black packaging.  BFR was created with the idea that there are infinite definitions of beauty and they aim to provide tools and products to reveal all of these diverse beauties. If you’re interested in trying out these amazing products, use my discount code BBxBFR15 to save 15%! I was sent everything I need for a head-to-toe look: D-Fine Lip Liner, Light Up Lip Cream, Blush & Glo and Total Glo Body Balm.

 Swatches top to bottom: Lip Liner , Lip Gloss, Blush, HighlighterBody Balm:

D-Fine Lip Pencil:

The only lip pencil you’ll ever need to define and enhance your lips. Perfectly matches lip tone for defined lips without the telltale lip liner look. It is a true lip tone, which works with all lip product and on all skin tones, taking the guesswork out of choosing the correct color. Just apply as first step to  application. No sharpener needed!  

I only recently started to use lip pencils, and I love that this one is very natural and matches my lip tone pretty well. I was afraid it would be too dark, but it’s very natural on. The swatch above is pretty heavy so it looks much darker there than it actually does on my lips. I wouldn’t  wear it alone, but paired with any lip products, its perfect. The application is really easy and it’s great you don’t need a sharpener- just click the tube to advance the lip liner.

Light Up Lip Cream, Turned On:

The rosy lip color you were born with, only better. Plumped, tingling, moist. Turned on? Try it and see. Our light up lip gloss has a super moist, silky feel on the lips, it’s lightweight, comfortable, not sticky or tacky, yet long wearing. It contains a groundbreaking lip plumper that feels cool and refreshing when applies. Marine collagen infuses lips with plumping benefits, leaving lips full and luscious. The high tech package has a convenient mirror on the bottle and an LED light in the lid that illuminates lips when applying for an easy application.

I’ve used a few lip products that promise to plum, and those usually leave your lips feeling tingling. This one doesn’t tingle, but instead it feels cool. I don’t think it does much in terms of plumping, but its a really nice gloss that looks and feels great. This lip gloss contains an LED light and mirror so you can apply it anywhere and not have to worry about it being a mess!

Blush + Glow, Coral Crush/Hi-Beam:

A 2 in 1 blush and highlighter created to not only color and highlight, but to also provide anti-aging benefits. This cream to powder long wear formula delivers light reflecting benefits and glowing radiance, which ensures a smooth, beautiful, flawless finish. This multifunctional product renders a more youthful, even toned and healthy appearance.

In case you didn’t know, I really like cream products. This duo has a cream blush on one end, and a cream highlighter on the other. The blush is such a perfect rose/coral color that can be easily be built up and leaves a beautiful flush on the skin. The highlighter has a pink tint to it which is great on my skin, it makes it much easier to blend. In the swatches above, I swiped 4-5 times as one swipe was very sheer and hard to see. Therefore, these products can very easily be built up so you can have varying degrees of color. Both the products have a great consistency that will are perfect for the dry winter months or the humid summer ones.

(Total) Glo Body Balm:

Experience Real luxury, head to toe. A head-to-toe beauty product. It combines the moisture and treatment benefits of a luxurious body cream with the subtle, natural glow of a bronzer, and the illumination of a highlighter in a single product. Light reflecting pigments diffuse imperfections and leave skin cared for, luminous, super soft.  Lightly fragranced with notes of pikaki,  lily of the valley and citrus.

The (Total) Glo Body Balm was the first product I used because I love having a little bit of a summer glow in the dead of winter. I thought this was a sunless tanner and I used it one evening after I showered and  before going to bed, however, it appears more to be a product you use when you go out in dresses to give your skin a little glow. It’s very shimmery and has a goldish tint to it but it looked very nice on my legs. I’m really excited to use this in the summer when I will actually be showing my legs off. Plus, this is super moisturizing, so it could easier replace your favorite moisturizer.

Have you tried BFR products? Would love to hear your thoughts!

  • These are so pretty!

    • They are absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend giving them a try! See the post for a coupon code 🙂

  • Never heard of this brand – looks really nice! I especially like that Light Up Lip Cream. 🙂 Thanks for introducing me to this brand.

    • Don’t forget to use my coupon code to save 15% if you decide to purchase! Would love to hear your thoughts on the brand 🙂