Anodized Metal Picture Frames

Back CameraMy home is decorated with all kinds of textures and prints. We have leather pillows, linen pillows with abstract animals, faux snake skin trays and box lids and cable knit throws. In order to keep the house from being too crazy and over the top, we have put all our travel and wedding photos in simple black or metal frames. I much prefer the metal frames over the black ones, because while they are simple, they are very interesting and stunning.

These frames are made from aluminum sheet metal and have an anodized protective border, which also provides the color. The are currently available in red, black, gold, blue and silver. They also super affordable, only $24 for a 5×7 frame!

We have a black and blue right now, but I’m hoping to add another black and a silver to our collection. We just received our wedding photos so I have a few more photos to frame 🙂

If you’re interesting in buying your own frame, which I totally recommend as I love these, check out Alumination101’s etsy shop here!